Sambasiva (Sam), Sheela,
Rachel & Rebecca Bekkam

During his early years, Sambasiva Bekkam was separated from him family while attending boarding school and college. In his absence, time essentially stood still in his native village of Digavalli. The disparities in access to education, health care and the likes thereof remained the same. The stagnant environment fostered a fervent desire in Sam to provide an education for the children of Digavalli and its neighboring villages. More specifically, Sam wanted to establish a Seventh-day Adventist school in order to provide these children with a Christian education.

Although Sam eventually immigrated to the U.S., he never gave up on his dream. In the ensuing years and with much prayer and perseverence, Sam founded, Develoment of Village Education (DOVE) India. DOVE India is a non-profit organization charged with the task of providing an education and an equitable opportunity for the disenfranchised children of India's villages.


Kollaiah Memorial School

In June 2011, Sam founded the first of the many schools that he aspires to build. In memory of his beloved father, Kollaiah Bekkam, Kollaiah Memorial School (KMS) was established in Digavalli Village. KMS initially began with 52 students and offered grades from lower kindergarten to second. However today, KMS offers instruction from kindergarten through fourth grade and consists of 105 students; enrollment is growing anually!

Known for its discipline and quality of education, the parents of Kollaiah Memorial have requested the school to offer additional grades in order to accommodate their older children. DOVE India is excited to report that currently, Kollaiah Memorial is undergoing the construction of four (4) additional classrooms. In the near furture, KMS would also like to offer computer classes which would entail the construction of a computer lab and the hiring of qualified staff to man and maintain it. Capital expenditure for these additional facilities has been estimated at $40,000.00 (USD). Additionally, in order to sustain its growth and standard, DOVE India plans to construct an additional four (4) classrooms and science labs which would cost an estimated $45,000.00 (USD).

While it is DOVE India's desire to develop and grow schools, we cannot do it alone. Currently, Sam and a few donors are solely funding the KMS project. However, the demand for increased enrollment and additional grade levels requires sustainable funding. Nontheless, DOVE India has stepped out in faith and has made the decision to add one grade per year. This undertaking involves the construction of new classrooms, hiring additional teachers, and purchasing school supplies and equipment.

We kindly solicit your prayers and donations. All donations to Dove India are tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Detailed statements of your charitable donation(s) will be mailed out at the end of each calendar year or as per your request. We look forward towards your continued support.

Development Of Village Education India (DOVE India) supports candidates without regard to race, religion, gender, color, national origin, age, marital status, medical condition or handicap/disability, sexual orientation, family composition or any other legally protected status. All our programs are administered in a non-discriminatory manner and in compliance with applicable law.
To actively engage and enable students to develop knowledge, skills, values and excellent citizenship that would benefit themselves, their families and society at large.
To be an avenue for providing quality education that would prepare children with balanced physical, mental, spiritual and social skills.

Kollaiah Memorial School is in need of the following:

$40,000 USD in estimated capital expenditure for the construction of a computer lab.

$45,000 USD in estimated expense for constructing four (4) additional classroom and science labs.

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